our dream

When we finally opened Bed & Breakfast Los Montes during the spring of 2011, our age-old dream had finally come true. It had almost become a matter of now or never. Martine had built a great career for herself in the insurance world and Dirk had been working flat out for a chemical company in the Port of Antwerp for years. As our careers began to take over, we increasingly craved a different type of life, a life devoid of hurry-scurry, where we would have time for each other and where we could seize the day as we saw fit.

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our discovery tips

Discover VĂ©lez-Malaga, Torre del Mar and surroundings by E-bike - Recently one can discover Vélez-Malaga and Torre del Maron an alternative way.The electric bike offers the ability to reach the highest point of Vélez where you ...