a wonderful climate

One of the trumps of the Malaga areas is undoubtedly its wonderful climate. During the summer, - under an azure-blue sky - day-time temperatures can easily exceed 30° Celsius. Rainfall during this period is limited to an average of about one day a month. With these temperatures, you will more than likely spend a large part of your holiday in or near the vicinity of refreshing water or in the shade.

During autumn and spring, temperatures hover around a glorious 20 to 25° Celsius, perfect weather for a coffee or aperitif at one of the many sidewalk cafés or for a swim in our pool. A rather more action-packed holiday with lots of walking, cycling, golf, horse riding or trips to historical cities would then feature higher on most people’s agenda.

During the winter months, from December up to the end of February, temperatures drop to a pleasant average of 16° Celsius, still considerably higher than in wintry Belgium or the Netherlands.